Sports Clinic

Hove Injury Clinic based here at Coral Health and Fitness is now run by Tim Regan in much the same way as his predecessor, Paul Godley.

Tim Is a hands-on therapist and uses clinical massage, joint and spinal mobilisations and ultrasound to treat all of life’s musculoskeletal injuries including;

Back pain and sacroiliac dysfunction (with spinal assessment and rehabilitation)

Hip and pelvic issues (including post hip replacement pain and tightness)

Neck and shoulder pain

Plantar fasciitis and other conditions of the feet.

Knee, ankle and elbow injuries

Muscle tightness and tendinopathies

All types of strains and sprains

Treatments are £40 and Tim is fully insured with Balens.


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Opening times

 Monday: 14:00-19:30 
 Tuesday: 0900-17:00

 Thursday: 0900-17:00
 Friday: 08:00-13:30
 Saturday: 09:00-12:00


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